Civil Engineering Services

Harrell & Jackson Inc. provides quality engineering and planning services to clients throughout the state of Georgia and South Carolina.  We serve clients in the commercial, institutional, industrial, residential, municipal and healthcare fields.  Gary Harrell, President, and Brian Jackson, Vice-President have extensive experience in providing clients with these services.

Any project begins with a concept. Harrell & Jackson begins with our client’s concept and develops it into real life, buildable, sustainable design. We begin at ground zero with an undeveloped property. We research zoning, available utilities, flood plains, access, wetlands, building setbacks, topography, soils, stream buffers, and other applicable factors. We take these factors along with the survey, and further shape the concept to a schematic design that adapts to the existing features of the property and meets the needs of the client. The final result is a detailed set of civil construction plans that addresses grading and drainage design, cut/fill calculations, utility design, storm water management design, erosion control design, site layout design, construction details and specifications.

Harrell & Jackson applies this process in the following areas:

  • Commercial Site Design
  • Industrial Site Design
  • Roadway Design
  • Solar Site Design
Subdivision Design
Civil Construction / Project Management
  • Storm Water Management Design
Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems

  • Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations
  • CDBG Projects
On-Site Sewage Management Design

  • Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control Plans

  • NPDES Permitting
Landfill Design

  • Material Recovery Facilities
Stream Buffer Encroachment Plans

  • Stream Buffer Mitigation Plans
Water Distribution Design