Colquitt EMC

Project Info:

Colquitt Electric Membership Corporation is a not-for-profit consumer-owned electric distribution system serving more than 42,847 members in a seven county area with approximately 8,395 miles of distribution lines. After purchasing an abandoned adjacent property, Colquitt EMC secured Harrell & Jackson to provide consulting, master planning, and overall site engineering. The first phase of the project involved the design of a new, secure, asphalt entrance road. The first phase also involved the design of storm water infrastructure. Colquitt EMC is expected to function when the weather is at its worst, therefore special design considerations were incorporated into the storm water infrastructure features. The second phase of the project involved the design and construction of approximately 15,000 square yards of concrete including storm water inlet and pipe design. Existing drainage problems that once plague the site were remediated through the new design.

  • Skills: Commercial Land Development
  • Client: Colquitt EMC